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Researcher University/place of work Keywords
Dr Margery Hertzberg University of Western Sydney Cross curriculum Language development Literacy development Readers theatre Playbuilding Primary education Literature Critical literacy Primary education
Dr David Wright University of Western Sydney Applied drama Transformative Learning Creativity Ecology Language Emotion Embodiment
Dr Mary Mooney University of Western Sydney Drama education Screen drama Creativity Primary education Secondary education Positive behaviour Curriculum Youth culture
Mr David Roy University of Newcastle Stanislavisky Meyerhold Representation Education Acting Theatre anthropology Film
Associate Professor
Ian Maxwell
Department of Performance Studies, University of Sydney History Acting Directing New wave Hip hop Youth culture Australian
Mr John McCallum University of New South Wales Australian drama Drama
Ms Rachael Jacobs Australian Catholic University Drama education Secondary Primary Assessment Drama curriculum
Dr Gerard Boland Charles Sturt University Theatre & cultural action Circus & physical theatre Drama & theatre for young people Performance in museums & heritage sites Popular entertainments Popular theatre theory Critical pedagogy Applied theatre research
Mr Robin Pascoe Murdoch University Arts education Arts curriculum Australian schools Dynamic markers Drama education
 Daniel Tomlinson  UWA  future Australian Drama
 Michael Anderson  The University of Sydney Technology Drama Pedagogy Professional Learning Young Audiences Playwrighting Media Arts Performance Ethnography Qualitative Inquiry Arts, Motivation & Engagement
 Claire Coleman  University of Sydney Process drama reflective practitioner Secondary Boys Social studies Pasifika Engagement
 Gillian Schroeter  Vic Uni & Sheffield School Tas  The School Play Curriculum PhD Education/Performance
 Miranda Jefferson  University of Sydney  Arts/media education drama education drama/film pedagogy Higher education
 Rachel Forgasz  Monash University  Drama education secondary, Applied theatre- Boal, Transformative pedagogies, Reflective practitioner



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