Drama Australia represents the interests of Australian drama teachers, academics, applied theatre workers and theatre in education practitioners both within Australia and at an international level. A Director of International Liaison is elected to the Board of Drama Australia and is responsible for establishing and maintaining contact with international drama education associations, communicating international news, activities  and issues of  significance to the members and representing Drama Australia in various international forums including:

If you are a member of Drama Australia you are also a member of IDEA. Information about IDEA and its member associations, projects and the IDEA World Congress (held every three years) can be found on the IDEA website.

Other international news and information about projects and conferences in drama education are posted on our web site and more frequent updates are posted on the Drama Australia Facebook page.

Currently two Australian drama educators are serving on the Board of IDEA: Robin Pascoe (President) and Richard Sallis (Director of Publications). They are continuing the strong presence that Australia has had within drama education an international level.

The current Director of International Liaison for Drama Australia is Jo Raphael

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