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Goals and Priorities

Research is a priority for Drama Australia, as it helps to shape and inform the development of our practices and pedagogies.

Our current research goals and priorities are to:

  1. Actively promote research within Drama Australia and broader national arts education networks.
  2. Encourage, maintain and organise (in consultation with the Director of Publications) publishing of research including the research initiated and/or supported by the Association.
  3. Support research projects under the guidance of the Director of Projects.
  4. Maintain our on-going financial commitment to innovative and creative research projects and initiatives.
  5. Connect with other research communities.
  6. Advocate for arts-based research at state, territory, national and international levels.

Drama Australia’s research goals and priorities align with Goal 2 c) of UNESCO’s Seoul Agenda (2010) regarding the development of research in arts education.

GOAL 2: Assure that arts education activities and programmes are of a high quality in conception and delivery. 2.c Stimulate exchange between research and practice in arts education.

Action Items

  1. Support arts education theory and research globally and link theory, research and practice;
  2. Encourage cooperation in developing arts education research and distribute research as well as exemplary arts education practices through international structures such as clearing houses and observatories;
  3. Consolidate high quality evidence of the impact of arts education and assure its equitable distribution.
      • Current information and research.
      • A research partner with whom to collaborate.
      • A supervisor for higher degree study.
      • Examiners for Masters and Doctoral theses.
      • Current information and research.
      • A research partner with whom to collaborate.
      • A supervisor for higher degree study.
      • Examiners for Masters and Doctoral theses.

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      Drama Education Research Theses

      Current drama education research published in the form of a Doctorate, Masters or Honours thesis can be found in the Australasian Digital Theses Program. On this site, you can search by “subject words” for example: Drama, Drama education, Drama curriculum, Applied drama/theatre, Drama Performance, Early Childhood, Primary education, Middle school, Secondary education, Senior School, K-12 School, Higher education, Community.

      Theses that are not digitised, may be found here.

      Listing drama education theses can be useful for finding:

      If your thesis is not listed on the Australian Digital Theses Program website, then notify Drama Australia for listing on the Drama Australia website.


      Drama Education Books and Journal Articles

      Titles of Australian drama education journal and book publications are listed for reference. Go to the publications register to find a listing of publications in alphabetical order.

      Advise Drama Australia of your drama education publications.


      Drama journals

      Current drama education research published as books, journal articles and electronic resources are accessible on the following university library sites:

      Australian Catholic University
      Australian National University
      Bond University
      Charles Darwin University
      Charles Sturt University
      Curtain University of Technology
      Deakin University
      Edith Cowan University
      Flinders University
      Griffith University 
      James Cook University
      La Trobe University
      Macquarie University
      Monash University
      Murdoch University
      Swinburne University
      Queensland University of Technology
      Southern Cross University
      University of Adelaide
      University of Ballarat
      University of Canberra
      University of Melbourne
      University of New England
      University of Newcastle
      University of New South Wales
      University of Queensland
      University of South Australia
      University of Southern Queensland
      University of Sydney
      University of Tasmania
      University of Technology Sydney
      University of the Sunshine Coast
      University of Western Australia
      University of Western Sydney
      University Wollongong

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      Drama Education Research Projects

      Drama education research projects provide a range of findings about drama, learning, performance, methods and more.

      Researchers are invited to advise Drama Australia of your drama research to benefit the broader drama education community.


      Drama Education Research Reports

      Research repositories of current drama education research published in the form of research reports are held online by many of Australian universities and can be accessed at the Australian Research Online website.


      Research Register

      The research register displays the research interests of drama educators. You can use the research register to find:

      Online Research Resources

      National Library of Australia
      Australian Council for Educational Research
      Australasian Drama Studies Association
      Australian Council for the Arts – Research
      Open access performing arts materials
      Art films
      State Library of NSW

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      Drama Australia Conference Programs

      Drama Australia Conference programs provide descriptions of research papers, master classes, workshops and presenters’ biographies.

      2006 Turning the Tide, Sydney
      2008 Gener8, Adelaide
      2009 Footprints, Melbourne

      Other conferences
      2009 International Drama in Education Research Institute conference

      Contact Us

      For more information contact Kelly Freebody, Drama Australia Director of Research via admin@dramaaustralia.org.au

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